Hand made & Painted by a family of Artisans that have been crafting Paper Flowers for over 50 years.

Fancy Paper Flowers <br> 16 colors
Fancy Paper Flowers
16 colors
Item# 1247
$7.75, 6/$40.00

Fancy Paper Flowers <br> 16 colors
$7.75 ea. flower or 6 pcs for $40.00
Pick your top three color preferences in the "memo section" of your order.
7" Crepe Paper Flower Diameter w/Center.
Handcrafted and handpainted.
5" Tall, 21" Stem.
Your Purchase supports an economic outlet for Paper Artisans.

14 Colors: 1.Red 2.Fuchsia 3.Orange 4.Yellow 5.Lime Green 6.Green 7.Lavender 8. Purple 9. Lt.Pink 10.Dark Blue 11.Lt.Blue 12.White 13.Chocolate 14. Turquoise 15. Black 16. Brown